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This database will help you identify organisations in the county that provide information and advice on a range of different topics. You will also find a list of online resources relevant to your chosen topic. As well as providing information, these resources may, in some instances, assist you in resolving the issue yourself.

Select the type of advice you need (Advice sought) from the drop down box. You can then select one or more of the optional filters to refine your search further.

As well as voluntary and statutory agencies, we have included solicitors who are members of NCAN and offer free advice services, usually in the form of an initial one-off consultation. You can find a more comprehensive list of solicitors on the Law Society website.

You can find a list of solicitors who provide a Legal Aid service (government funded) for eligible clients on the GOV.UK website

We have a separate directory for advisors - go to Advanced Search for more detailed information about where to refer or signpost a client.

To search for organisations providing other support services in Norwich, including health, care and specialist support, see the Your Norwich directory.