Norfolk County Council statement – floating support for adults

Norfolk County Council spends approximately £1m per day on social care in Norfolk and the proposed budget will see this investment increase in 2017/18. Although we are investing more money in social care the costs of rising demand and of providing that care means that savings still have to be found. Following consultation in the latter part of 2016, it is reducing the funding for preventative housing support services to meet a priority to target investment to people who require care and those most at risk of losing their independence. This means that Norfolk County Council funding for housing-related floating support services will significantly reduce. The lower level mental health floating support service provided by Together, Service A, will no longer receive funding from August 31st 2017. Funding will continue for the Complex Needs Service. The generic housing-related floating support service for other service user groups except older people, Stonham HomeStay, will no longer be funded from November 30th 2017. 
Publication Date: 07.06.2017
Service providers are making plans for what this will mean for their service users, working with other service providers and supported by the County Council. 
As a consequence, Together will no longer accept referrals into their lower level mental health floating support service (Service A) from around 10th May 2017, however they are still accepting referrals into their Complex Needs Service (Service B). All referral pathways, prioritisation and the referral form for Service B will remain the same. Referrals to Together must meet Service B’s eligibility criteria which remains unchanged. 

Stonham HomeStay continues to accept referrals for its generic housing-related support service for the time being and will confirm the exact date when referrals will no longer be accepted in the near future. This is likely to be in late summer.