Welfare Reform and Work Bill - Library Note

Read the Library notes on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill in advance of its second reading in the House of Lords today (17/11/2015). 
Publication Date: 18.11.2015
The Bill contains a number of measures. The Bill would place a duty on the Government to report on its progress towards full employment, its apprenticeships target and the effect of certain support for troubled families. It would also make provision about ‘life chances’ for children, the benefit cap, social security and tax credits, loans for mortgage interest, and social housing rents.

  • To access the Library Note document on the Bill, which provides a summary of its contents, please click here.  
  • To access furhter infomation and resources on the Bill via the Parliament website, please click here.
What happens next?
Following the Second Reading and subsequent debate on the Bill in the House of Lords, the Bill will proceed to the Committee stage, entailing futher analysis of its provisions. This has yet to be scheduled.