DWP Autumn Updates on Universal Credit and PIP rollouts

The Department for Work and Pensions has provided some updates relating to the rollout of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Universal Credit (UC) and published some new guidance on these matters on their website.
Publication Date: 02.12.2015
Personal Indepentdent Payment (PIP) - Full PIP Rollout (FPR)
From October 2015, PIP will be rolled out across Great Britain to claimants that have a long-term or indefinite award of DLA. The rollout will be carefully managed to make sure that the volume of invitations issued to claimants in each postcode matches the capacity of the assessment providers in that area. In accordance with previously published plans, PIP will be rolled out in a controlled way across all areas of Great Britain, selecting DLA claimants at random. Claimants will continue to receive DLA as normal until we write to them and need not do anything now unless their circumstances change.
Universal Credit (UC) 
Universal Credit is now available in over 500 Jobcentres , equating to over 70% of all Jobcentres across the county. For a list of the Job Centres where UC is available, please click here.
The DWP has updated and added guidance to GOV.UK. 
  • The Universal Credit Welcome Guide - The introduction to Universal Credit guide was amended due to the introduction of waiting days and to include a link to the Money Advice Service website. To acess the Universal Credit Welcome Guide, click here. 

  • Universal Credit Self Employment Quick Guide - This guide  explains what Universal Credit means for claimants who own their own business or would like to do so and also the support offered by Universal Credit to help claimants start their own business and what will be expected of them in return. To access this guide, click here. 

  • DWP Work Programme Providers Guidance - This guidance is for DWP Work Programme providers working with Universal Credit claimants. To access this guide, click here. 
  • Employer Hub - The new Employer Hub  provides information about the reform, and the opportunities it brings for employers. To access this, please click here.