How to apply for parental responsibility without a lawyer

Most, but not all parents have 'parental responsibility' for their children. Do you? Maybe you're not sure what 'parental responsibility' is? Or how to get it, if you haven't already got it? Do you help someone else?

Publication Date: 06.04.2016

Funded by the Ministry of Justice as part of the Litigant in Person Support Strategy, our new guide on parental responsibility is for anyone who is a parent or step-parent and wants to know more about parental responsibility - what it is and how to get it. It explains how to make a parental responsibility agreement and how to apply for a parental responsibility order. You can find it here.

This guide is also for people supporting litigants in person, for example Personal Support Unit volunteers, CAB volunteers, housing support workers, advice workers and court staff as well as relatives and friends. So please use it, send the link to colleagues and feel free to give us feedback via our on-line survey here.

It doesn't explain how to apply for a court order which deals with things like who the child will live with and when they will see their other parent. This kind of order is called a child arrangements order. You can find detailed information about how to apply for a child arrangements order here.