Referral System

One of NCAN's flagship projects is the development of an inter-agency online referral system. Is is hoped that eventually this will be used by a wide range of local agencies that will eventually include health providers, local councils and police as well as voluntary sector providers.
Click here for an up to date list of organisations currently set up to use the referral system.  
Our aim is to help improve inter-agency communication and increase opportunities for mutual understanding and learning through introducing shared processes, and the ability to monitor cases and gauge success. All this will in turn lead to improved outcomes for service users. 
The system is accessed via a secure login page, and provides a database and user interface through which agencies can check incoming referrals, access client contact details, make referrals to other agencies and also track progress of outgoing referrals. 
Agencies that wish to be part of the referral network are invited to sign up to an agreement which states that referrals must be accepted and dealt with within set timescales. The system is designed to be accessible and simple to use, requiring a short training session for members to get up and running with it. It can accommodate a variety of agencies and working practices. 
Any member of NCAN can apply to become a registered user of the CRS both to receive referrals and/or make referrals. Non-members can apply to use the system to make referrals. 
Contact us if you would like access to a demonstration/training site. If your organisation would like to sign up to use the CRS, please contact us