Specialist Contract Group

The Norfolk Specialist Contract Group (SCG) is a project of Norfolk County Council, working with NHS Norfolk and Waveney, to develop a comprehensive, specialist information, advice and advocacy service for Norfolk.

The SCG is affiliated to NCAN and the organisations who are part of the SCG partnership are all affiliated members of NCAN. This means that there is close collaboration on areas of work such as quality, referrals and communication.

The lead agency is Age UK Norfolk, who employ a Partnership Lead (Kate Kingdon), with a remit to coordinate the development of the project. 

The service aims to enable people with disabilities, social care and related support needs to maximise their health, well-being, independence, quality of life and promote social inclusion. The service is currently delivered by the following organisations:
  • Age UK Norfolk
  • Age UK Norwich 
  • Alzheimers Society
  • Deaf Connexions 
  • Equal Lives
  • Opening Doors
  • West Norfolk Deaf Association

The objectives of the service are: 
  • To provide information, advice and advocacy on all aspects of welfare rights including welfare benefits; debt; personal finances; access to health and social care services; legal issues; issues connected with disability & employment, and other relevant issues 
  • To offer this service free of charge 
  • To ensure that customers get their needs met when they make an enquiry and that referrals, signposting and handover to other services is undertaken with the greatest care, with the objective of meeting customer needs as fully as possible 
  • To ensure that information and advice is up to date and accurate 
  • To provide services which are local and which have been set up to best overcome particular local barriers that customers face in accessing Information, Advice and Advocacy (such as rurality and lack of transport) 
  • To maximise opportunities for customers to receive face to face IAA support  
  • To make sure that information is regularly supplied and updated about specialist IAA services and how these can be accessed to locations which may be used by the target population for these services including GP practices, community health and social care functions, libraries, voluntary and community organisations  
For more information contact Partnership Lead Kate Kingdon on Kate.Kingdon@ageuknorfolk.org.uk.