To register your organisation, please contact NCAN to discuss next steps.

If you are a member of an organisation already on the NCAN Referral System, please get in touch to request sign-up forms.

Click here to download the handbook about how to use the Referral System

Click here to download our Policy and Procedures for Use Document

Below are some short tutorial videos or go direct to our Youtube page

Setting Password for New User
New User From Email Link
Logging In
Creating a Referral 1: Personal Details
Creating a Referral 2: Contact Details
Creating a Referral 3: Referral Questionnaire
Creating a Referral 4: Details & Files
Forgotton Password
Using the Dashboard
Searching and Downloading Referrals
Print or Download a Referral
Updating the Referral Status
Adding a note to a Referral
Cloning a Referral