Norfolk Accommodation Finance Debt Advice Service

We do not provide accommodation but can give you information advice and guidance on where to go to get help. If you have problems with money or debt we can help you find the right agency to support you or help you find information.

Information sharing and safeguarding

Anything you tell us may be shared with your Responsible Officer particularly if we are worried about a child or adult (including you) being at risk of harm. We would also share any information relating to the prevention or detection of a crime and anything that may be relevant to your order or sentence plan.

If you or someone you know is being abused you can report it to Norfolk Social Services, you can call them anonymously. Alternatively you can speak to us or your Responsible Officer, we do have more information so please ask for a leaflet.

How we work

We will meet you in the probation office for appointments and can only work with you for as long as you work with your Responsible Officer. As we are an information advice and guidance service we would normally only work with you for a short period of time to ensure you have all the information you need, however, this will be reviewed at each appointment.

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