Norfolk Community Law Service

Services that can be referred to through the NCAN Referral System

Migrant Workers

Advice on residency, status and entitlement for EEA Nationals. Also - advice and representation for welfare benefit appeals.

Authorised by the OISC to provide immigration advice and services Ref. No. N201200043


This service is aimed at those who are vulnerable or who have complex needs, for example:

  • • Offenders, ex-offenders or their families
  • • People with mental health problems
  • • People with learning disabilities
  • • Those with a disability or long-term illness

Although the debt service is promoted to vulnerable clients we retain the flexibility to assist others clients who have approached us, so please call us if you do have any money problems for an assessment.

Whatever your debt problem, NCLS can offer you advice and support. Whether you have a one-off query, require someone to contact your creditors or need to consider your options, we can help. Our advisor Andy Cobb is an approved Intermediary for Debt Relief Orders.

Welfare Benefits

For the time being NCLS are narrowing their incoming accepted referrals for Welfare Rights Appeals and Representation cases (WRARS) to just Appeals with issued Tribunal dates, adjourned Tribunals and Upper Tribunals in order to allow them to focus on hearing dates and a backlog of bundle stage referrals awaiting appointments.

For SSCS1 clients, agencies need to complete the SSCS1’s (or refer to Agencies that can assist – please refer to the NCAN directory if in any doubt) and advise the clients to let this agency (not NCLS) know as soon as the hearing date is issued. At this point the client can be referred to NCLS.

ESA and PIP clients should be advised to obtain and submit their supporting medical or other evidence to HMCTS the Tribunal service BEFORE the hearing date is issued, they should not wait for the referral to NCLS as it will be too close the hearing date.

Also, in particular, it would be worth agencies noting that clients with ESA Tribunals should be submitting their PIP award notices to HMCTS if they have PIP, and if their most recent PIP award decision relates to a similar time frame to the ESA decision, they should also be requesting and submitting a copy of their PIP medical assessment report. Caselaw is now requiring Tribunals to pay more attention to PIP evidence in ESA appeals and for some ESA Appellant’s a favourable PIP assessment may really help their ESA appeal despite of the differing technical entitlements tests.

Bundle stage clients should be given the same guidance RE evidence and be referred when the hearing dates are received.

It would help the WRARS team to have a scanned copy of the hearing notice with any hearing referrals. This can be attached to the online referral when it is created.

NCLS should not be named as Representatives on the SSCS1 during this period of restricted referrals.

This restriction will be reviewed once the backlog is cleared.

Charlie Sayer from the WRARS team is happy to answer any queries about this by email -

  • 01603 496623
  • St Clements House, 2-16 Colegate, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1BQ, England